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Artsy Wristlets / Kindle Cases - many choices

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Slim, lightweight and vibrant  wristlets in a variety of shades and colors. Hand painted front flaps and back pockets make these wristlets a standout.  These Handmade Wristlets are constructed from a unique product that looks and wears like leather, is tough as a duck, light as a feather and made from plants and rubber.  PETA would love these wristlets that look and act like leather!  Perfect size for your Kindle or just as an on-the-go Wristlet. EZach one is lined in various shades of vibrant felt with  back pockets for ID or business cards.  These are unique Wristlets that are durable without bulk!

Materials:. Kraft-Tex, felt, Velcro closure 

Measurements: Approximately 8” x 5.5”  

The Wristlets shown are the actual products being sold

Lime Green Wristlet # UAARTWRI-04

Turquoise Wristlet #UAARTWRI-05

Pinkish Wristlet #UAARTWRI-06

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