About Me

What started out as finally getting back into a career of fashion that I have wanted since a young teen, evolved into far more than I could have ever imagined.  With my love of fashion, fabric and painting - a whole new world opened up.  Expressions of color, senses and emotions surfaced that started to steer me into not only my design choices, but my political voice.

Upscale classy clothes that made a political statement was the first stage of my journey.  Clothes that were not being offered anywhere that I could find that a woman could wear at so many social events, parties, weddings and even the Board room.  Clothes that made a statement with class and dignity evolved into so many wonderful women having my designs.

As my creativity expanded, I branched out into handbags and accessories.  In being frequently approached  by many woman asking about my own handbag, I realized there were many woman wanted artistic bags that made a statement, both political and non-political.  They weren't looking for shopping bags, generic totes, department store clutches or makeup bags.  They wanted more.  Thus, Urban Art bags and accessories came into being.

I am finally achieving my childhood dream and thoughts a young girl had in my brief, but significant stay at High School of Fashion in NYC.  Not only am I finally creating, but I also expressing the voices of so many strong, independent and fabulous women.  And as I evolve, so will my craft.  I look forward to each and every new chapter.

Thank you for sharing my journey with me.

 Pat Mistretta