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BOHO Handcrafted Lightweight Earrings SOHO-1E

Regular price $15.00

Lightweight earrings that are so light and comfortable you will feel like they are barely there. Handcrafted with plant based materials that have the strength and durability of leather. Colorful, fun, modern and chic, you will forget you have them on.  Crafted and made in my Atlanta, USA studio. 

Gold-tone pierced wires with rubber back, colors: black, white, goldenrod and green

Information:  Approximately 2-1/2” long, 1-3/4” wide, so light it won’t show up on my scale (ounces or grams)

Please note that colors might very slightly on your monitor. Also, as with all handcrafted items, the beauty of it is that no two will ever be exactly the same.  Cardboard woman display are for presentation purposes only and do not necessary depict actual female face sizes.  

Item:  SOHO-1E

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